Women Entrepreneur Series: India Jackson from Pause on the Play

I was only six years old when I realized our ability as humans to shape how the world sees us.

Picking up my grandmother’s Polaroid and peering through the viewfinder gave me newfound awareness about public image that would unbeknownst to me provide direction for my life’s work.

After enrolling in Towson University’s design program, I spent time as a beauty model, bodybuilder, makeup artist, and published photographer. Over ten years I watched as talented professionals were forced to adopt identities that were sellable but not authentic.

With a spark to create something different — something to help professionals align their image with who they are — I founded what would later become known as Flaunt Your Fire. Today I lead the Flaunt Your Fire team, helping individuals ditch stale marketing tactics, break out of industry molds, and become more visible. We’ve worked with prominent clients like Christian Dior and Racheal Cook and have been featured in outlets such as Forbes and She Podcasts Live.

In April 2019, Erica Courdae and I joined to create Pause on the Play, a 5 star-rated podcast where we talk all things diversity, equity, and inclusion. Knowing there was more impact we could make, in 2020 we launched the Pause on the Play The Community where we’ve now helped 40+ entrepreneurs integrate their values into their brands.

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