The Only Resolution That Matters

“What’s your resolution?”

If you walk outside of your house this time of year I'm confident you’ve heard this question asked like a broken record. 

I honestly find this question funny because I don’t write down my goals and I surely don’t think to resolve what I am going to do for a whole damn year. Hell, I’m lucky if I remember to eat and keep my kids alive. Ha!

The thing is, resolutions don’t work because they’re built on shame. Think about it. They keep you in the mindset that we need to “change” or somehow “be betterthis year than we were the last.

So let me ask you... did you survive 2021? If you’re reading this, then the answer is YES.

Guess what - you ARE powerful, you ARE tenacious, you ARE efficient, and you ARE already everything you could possibly resolve to be. So give yourself a break! 

The only resolution worth having is to love yourself exactly as you are in this very moment. That means, in your very own skin. Yes, maybe you’re in a smaller house than you would like or maybe your job is only halfway satisfying, but it’s your responsibility to be happy with all of YOU exactly as is. 

Resolving to love yourself is the fuel to the fire of your own greatness and the flame that powers all other resolutions to manifest.

When you love yourself with all of your faults, just as you are in this very moment, you will no longer fear failure because it won’t define you. Without fear, you’ll begin to take bigger chances. Bigger chances lead to bigger growth. More growth leads to more prosperity. More prosperity lends itself to giving. All other resolutions or goals can be met when you fan the flame of self acceptance.

My advice? Stop setting yourself up for failure.

Stop beating yourself up when you miss a day at the gym. Stop punishing yourself because you didn’t reorganize your office. Be kind to yourself. The gym will be there tomorrow, but we may not.

Don’t waste this one beautiful life toiling over your faults (true love is without condition). I’m asking you to resolve to love yourself… today. Unconditionally. As is. Warts, weight, ADD and all!

So… How do you love yourself? 

It’s actually not as hard as it sounds and I’m excited to share the “how” in a short series of Morph Mindset Tips in the coming weeks and months. 

We’ll talk about:

  • Authenticity
  • Identifying your unique gifts
  • How to stop comparing yourself to others 
  • Finding joy in the everyday
  • Walking into this new year with poise, power, and positivity

In closing, know that you are not alone. We all struggle. We are all fighting battles that we feel no one could understand, so let’s be there for each other!

Let’s remind each other of our own greatnesses. 

Happy New Year and thank you for being YOU!  

(Nobody does it better!)

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