Vogue Features Morph as Industry Leader in Sustainable Fashion

We are honored to announce that Morph has been interviewed by industry leader Vogue Business as being on the forefront of the slow fashion/sustainability movement by way of our innovative multi-wear, modular clothing line.

Morph was featured next to the likes of Botter, Peter Do, Coperni, Gucci and 80's iconic brand, Units!   

Bella Webb and Lucy Maguire write a riveting article about the history and importance of multi-use garments, highlighting brands and designers who are making a difference and naming the leaders at the forefront of the multi-use and sustainability movement.

Through multi-use clothing designed by Morph and other industry leaders we hope to make a dent in the pollution created by the fast fashion industry; which accounts for 10% of global carbon dioxide and is second only to the petroleum industry for the amount of waste it creates.

Making sustainability fun is the only way to continue to make a dent in this catastrophic climate crisis. And fun is what Morph is all about.

Shop smart, waste less and look and feel beautiful. Good for you AND the Earth!

Read the Vogue Business article >

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