Women Entrepreneur Series: JuJu of Julianne Taylor Style

Julianne Taylor is a Charleston, SC based business coach, content creator, and product designer.

She was recently named 2021 top 25 TikTok Marketing Experts to follow by ViralStat.

You can find her hosting weekly rooms in Clubhouse on influencer marketing, and she goes live every Monday on TikTok to share business and mindset tips.

With a BFA in interior design and a masters in human resources, Julianne marries creativity and a strong business acumen to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses and pivot strategies amidst a pandemic induced change to peoples' work environments and revenue streams.

Julianne is the author of DesignHER (2016) and has licensed collections of wallpaper, artwork, and tabletop sold through retail outlets such as HomeGoods and Anthropologie.

Julianne is also the founder of Taylor Burke Home, a custom to-the-trade luxury upholstery company made in NC. ​

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