Women Entrepreneur Series: Kim Powell of Woodhouse Day Spa

Kim Powell is owner of the largest Woodhouse Day Spa in the country and serves as the Regional Director of the Southeast. 

She began her career in Dayton, Ohio as an intern for PQ Systems. It was there that she learned about Deming’s 14 point philosophy, something that would impact her business thinking for a lifetime. Ms. Powell worked at IBM in Dayton, Ohio while earning a Computer Science degree at the University of Dayton.  Upon graduating, she joined Lexis/Nexis in technical support, which gave her insight into corporate business and the early stages of IT.

After leaving Lexis/Nexis, she join her husband, Keith, to grow their then painting company, Summit Painting Company.  Together, they grew this company of 1 into Summit Industrial Flooring, now nearly 30 years old with annual sales in excess of $6,000,000.

During the past 30 years, she has spent most of my time working on legal, financial and contract administration for their companies.

In the 4 years she has been in Charleston, she has worked hard to contribute to the community in business, investment and charitable/volunteer activities.  She has raised three rambunctious boys, all of whom have been students at the College of Charleston.  Buckley (’16) won the CofC Conference Title in the 100 Butterfly in 2015 and will earn his MBA in summer 2019 at the College.  Bowen earned his degree in the Classics at CofC in December 2018.  And Christian is studying Computer Science.

Moving to Charleston from Dayton, Ohio was an exciting time as the Powells opened a second location of Summit Industrial Flooring in North Charleston and Woodhouse Day Spa in Mt. Pleasant.  She currently serves as mentor to the ImpactX program at the School of Business.

Visit her Woodhouse Day Spa site.

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