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Sizing (size chart)

MORPH Clothing is changing everything you know about sizing for women's clothing!!
The EVERYWEAR Dress is sized primarily by the top line (or bust) area around your body, above your chest (note picture below), along with the length.
Bra Size
29-30 AA-B    00-2
32-34 AA-D    4-6
36 B-DD         8-12
38 C-DDD      14-16
40-44 B-DDD  18-24
Our sizing goes by the neck of the dress when it is worn strapless.  You want the dress to fit THERE since many styles start in this position.
When we list a size on dress, this is the size you would wear for a top.  Sometimes (depending on the stretch of the fabric) you will be a large, sometimes a small.  This doesn't matter! We are taking into account how the particular fabric will stretch around this part of your body so look at the size number (8-10 etc).  
The Jersey stretches more than the Everyday collection and we have accounted for that so be mindful if you were a medium in one dress and fabric you could be a small in another!!  Don't worry about your waist, hips, legs...this is all about your bust (or the area above it) as shown below!
The XS, S and M are all the same length and will fit you in length respectively if you are 5'-5'8". The L and XL are the same length and will be perfect for anyone 5'8-6'+.
If you are shorter in stature and want a large, the dress will fall differently on you such that the "Large" will fall longer on your body.
We are happy to exchange any dress for size, or the like (see our return/exchange policy).  
Happy Shopping!