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Free Shipping in the US with $130 Purchase
Free Shipping in US with $130 Purchase

Girl's Hello Pink! - Girl's Dress

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Every picture you see is ONE dress styled in different ways. This dress is multifunctional with endless possibilities.

Hello Pink! will keep up with your child's every activity and event. Buy one dress and own a tunic, halter, maxi skirt or mini.

This cool pink print girl's dress is perfect for every event or a day on the beach! Slip on a pair of sneakers for an afternoon with friends or flip flops for a day in the sand. Go from school to activities to dinner and a movie on the couch, all in the same comfortable dress styled for what the weather or moment calls for. Even girls who don't like dresses, love MORPH!

65% Polyester / 20% Lycra / 15% Modal

Easy stretch for easy wear. Extremely comfortable in any weather

S (4-6), M (8-10), L (12-14)

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