To Thine Own Self Be True

When I think about how things have changed since I was a child, I smile (mostly).

That said, in honoring PRIDE month I ask that sooner than later we see each other as HUMAN BEINGS and NOT our labels.

I realize that these definitions and pronouns etc., are the beginning of change. While they “free” us, they can also divide us. Just know, that one day we’ll be bigger than the color of our skin, the car we drive, bigger than our looks, our sexual identity, our “gender.”

I can’t “talk” without speaking of God.

I don’t care how YOU get there but I know that we’re all made with stardust in our veins. Find the tribe that helps you walk through your changes. Find the ones who want you to “Morph” into the most powerful and joyful version of yourself.

Live your life on you on your terms. Invite everyone to the party. 

We have so much to learn and fun to be had, as we honor each other’s humanness.

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