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Free Shipping in the US with $130 Purchase
Free Shipping in US with $130 Purchase

MORPH Clothing is proud to ship all over the world! Empowering woman all over the globe is very near and dear to our hearts!

We are currently offering the following Shipping Methods: 

1) Via Yakit, Where shipping and applicable Duty is included at checkout.  This method will deliver the package right to your door with all applicable fees, Duty, Shipping etc. figured in and zero hold-ups at customs. Specific participating countries only, conditions apply.

2) Via USPS, whereas the package is routed from USPS to your Country's carrier.  You will have to pay any applicable Duty, fees and perhaps pick up your package from your Country's carrier.  

3) Via UPS, FedEx or DHL.  You will have to pay any applicable duty, taxes or fees and perhaps pick up your package from the carrier. 

Please take note of these options when checking out.  We offer options for our international customers for convenience, but be aware of how your Country's Postal Service handles Duty and International Shipments for Goods imported into your Country.


Happy Shopping!


Cristy & Meredyth

MORPH Clothing