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The Morph Philosophy


MORPH Clothing believes that innovation and sustainability go hand in hand.

MORPH Clothing produces sustainable and ethically handmade clothing that can be worn in a multitude of beautiful ways. When one piece can serve as twenty, you simplify your life and reduce the negative impact of fast, throw-away fashion, on the environment.

We manufacture exclusively in the United States and each piece is hand cut and sewn by individual master artisans, not in mills or factories. Committed to supporting American artisans, we only work with highly ethical and environmentally focused companies when sourcing our luxurious fabrics.

Simplify Your Life. Multiply Your Wardrobe.


Just Letting you know!

Morph Clothing will be on the Red Carpet at the VMAs this year. Don't hesitate to place your orders as due to excessive demand we are running low on inventory. We will attempt to fill incoming orders during this time (between Aug 23-28th) but we thank you in advance for your patience. Back to normal business on the 29th.
Cristy Pratt