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Free Shipping in the US with $130 Purchase
Free Shipping in US with $130 Purchase

MORPH Clothing, with its flagship creation of the EVERYWEAR DRESS (as seen on VOGUE.com) has become a fashion game changer, receiving tremendous support within the fashion community since its inception in early 2017.    

Self-taught designer, Cristy E Pratt and business maven, Meredyth O. Willits, officially launched MORPH Clothing and are only gaining momentum in changing how women approach fashion and the need for it to be creative, nimble, fluid and confidence boosting.

Cristy E. Pratt designed the EVERYWEAR DRESS in a small home studio, with the help of a vintage sewing machine & dress form and many yards of fabric during the summer of 2016.

Pratt saw a need within the industry to design a truly dynamic and transitional piece of clothing, mostly to meet her own needs. By doing so, the EVERYWEAR DRESS was born, an item that she and her business partner immediately recognized as something others would love as much as they did.

“Our discerning clientele want to express their individuality and MORPH Clothing is a blank slate to do just that. When the outside reflects who we are on the inside, a subtle confidence seeps out into the world. After all, confidence is what makes us beautiful.” 

These two South Florida friends and business partners see the EVERYWEAR DRESS as just the first piece of a line with endless possibilities. Willits has seen a change in the way women are shopping, “We are busy, smart, creative and we need fashion to work for us." 

The ability to buy a single piece of clothing that MORPHS into 30 gorgeous, flattering and unique styles is truly changing the way woman shop and see fashion. Fashion is just not a static item on a hanger; it truly becomes an extension of one’s personality and lifestyle.

Imagine one item that effortlessly and flawlessly transitions from office to eveningwear, from skirt to tunic, from the boardroom to beach with a few easy moves; that’s the effortless EVERYWEAR DRESS by MORPH Clothing.

“Adapting to change keeps us alive. Changing with ease, keeps us sane; to do it in style, makes us irresistible.”
-C.E. Pratt Fashion Designer/CEO 

Co-Founders and Friends,

Cristy E. Pratt and Meredyth O. Willits