Charleston's eco-friendly MORPH Clothing goes to the BET Awards and beyond

If you've read this meme and laughed sympathetically, you are not alone: "Me getting dressed: puts on the same black yoga pants for the eighth day in a row. Me packing for vacation: I don't have room for this third ball gown I may need to check another bag."

Charleston-based MORPH Clothing has an answer. What if your gown was as comfortable as yoga pants and packed like a dream?

"I wanted to create something that looked good on everyone," says Cristy Pratt, the entrepreneur, seamstress, and face of MORPH Clothing. "I want to stop fast fashion. I want us to be able to travel light. I want moms to feel hot instantly, because it's a struggle. You have little ones biting your ankles and you are the last on the list."

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