Woman Entrepreneur Series: Maren Anderson

Maren first had the idea for Kids Garden when she set out to find a secure, stimulating, nurturing childcare environment for her son—one that didn’t require cumbersome contracts or hefty monthly fees. It didn’t exist. So she created it.

Putting her Masters in Education and holistic health degrees to work, Maren built an all-new playcare from the ground up. She designed it for the children, of course: a magical, whimsical place where young minds could explore what it means to be a kid. But she made parents a priority, too, by providing plenty of flexible options so they could drop in as needed.

After years of traveling the world, hiking her way through national parks, farming, teaching and entrepreneuring, Maren is putting her vast array of skills to work for the people who matter most in our communities—the little ones.

Today, the original seeds of Kids Garden have blossomed into a thriving, growing community with numerous locations and more on the way…and an open door policy for parents and family in need of a safe, educational playspace where kids are excited to be.

Visit her site: https://kidsplaygarden.com/

And also her other business: https://www.naturalgatheringgrounds.com/

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