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 Transform this luxe handmade garment from a poncho or wrap to a luxurious full-length cape. Wear with yoga pants or add drama with this floor-grazing cape. From ATHLUXE to GLAM, the choice is yours. 
Every photo you see if of the same NOMAD WRAP styled differently!
One piece, with endless possibilities: duster, poncho, cape, dress, short wrap and even nursing cover.
Pair with jeans, a dress, a skirt or leggings. Add a belt and wear as a dress.
Being able to purchase one piece that can be worn in so many different ways, allows you to simplify your life, multiply your wardrobe and reduce waste. Join the Slow Fashion Movement. It's good for you, it's good for the earth.
THE MORPH NOMAD WRAP can take your daily look from athleisure to ATHLUXE!
Comfortable, bohemian, sexy or couture, the reversible NOMAD WRAP is
HANDMADE IN THE USA from the finest 100% French Terry Cotton.
The NOMAD WRAP comes in two sizes that differ only in length.
Short almost grazes the floor at 5’2”
Long almost grazes the floor at 5’6”
Choose your size according to your style preference and height (when worn full length).

Just Letting you know!

Morph Clothing will be on the Red Carpet at the VMAs this year. Don't hesitate to place your orders as due to excessive demand we are running low on inventory. We will attempt to fill incoming orders during this time (between Aug 23-28th) but we thank you in advance for your patience. Back to normal business on the 29th.
Cristy Pratt