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Meet the Designer

Cristy Pratt is a Charleston, SC
fashion designer and environmental advocate.
As a frequent traveler, she was frustrated by the feeling of having nothing to wear in an overcrowded suitcase.  She wanted to travel lighter, live more simply, and to waste less. Designing the CAPSULE DRESS [US Patent Pending] was a labor of love and sheer determination as a self taught and admittedly dyslexic designer. “When you don’t know
what you can’t do, anything is possible” 
Pratt describes her process as unorthodox yet entirely fluid and organic with each piece showcasing her modern and minimalistic aesthetic. Cristy wants to empower women to make fashion work for them, their bodies, their mood, and their lifestyle. Her multifunctional designs are now the go-to pieces for world travelers, busy mothers and eco-conscious consumers who care about quality, style and 
self expression.