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Meet the Designer

Cristy Pratt Morph Clothing 

Cristy Pratt is a Charleston, South Carolina fashion designer and sustainability champion. A frequent traveler frustrated by the feeling of having nothing to wear in an overcrowded suitcase, Pratt set out to design pieces that would let her travel light, live simply, waste less, and look great. Describing her process as unorthodox yet entirely fluid and organic, Pratt empowers women to make fashion work for them, their bodies, their moods, and their lifestyles. Each piece in the MORPH collection is designed to be a wardrobe staple. From world travelers to busy mothers and eco-conscious consumers who care about quality, style and self expression.

Just Letting you know!

Morph Clothing will be on the Red Carpet at the VMAs this year. Don't hesitate to place your orders as due to excessive demand we are running low on inventory. We will attempt to fill incoming orders during this time (between Aug 23-28th) but we thank you in advance for your patience. Back to normal business on the 29th.
Cristy Pratt