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Free Shipping in the US with $130 Purchase
Free Shipping in US with $130 Purchase


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Every photo you see if of the same NOMAD WRAP styled differently!
One piece, with endless possibilities: duster, poncho, cape, dress, short wrap and even nursing cover.
Pair with jeans, a dress, skirt or leggings and create a stylish,
luxe look only the NOMAD WRAP will achieve. Add a belt and wear it as a dress.
With the NOMAD WRAP, you will take your daily look from athleisure to ATHLUXE!
Comfortable, daring, sexy or couture, the NOMAD WRAP is
HANDMADE IN THE USA from Deep Raven Black Athluxe fabric.
Be ready for any event or weather, day and night.
New moms can MORPH their NOMAD WRAP into a convenient nursing cover, without the hassle of bringing an extra blanket.
Layer over a sweater, shirt or tank to dramatically transform your outfit into a statement. Modern, minimalist and sexy, this beautiful multifunctional piece will take
every outfit to the next level.
Long or short, poncho or razor back, The NOMAD WRAP will become part of your daily wardrobe or the go-to piece for any special event.
The NOMAD WRAP comes in two sizes that differ only in length.
Short grazes the floor at 5’2”
Long grazes the floor at 5’6”
Choose your size according to your style preference and height (when worn full length).

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